Natural cosmetics part 2

Who has gone mad?

You might wonder: Who is crazy? How can you allow this? Are time safety studies on these substances are not they? Once the machinery is in place, sales are “sacred” and a portion of the profits goes to fight against those who say otherwise. The list of undesirable substances is long and increasingly, even small doses of other substances not as toxic present in cosmetics, skin hurt people who have received an excess of small doses. Almost all such substances and many more have been found by analyzing the umbilical cords of newborn babies in breast milk, in the brain or in the aorta of people who have suffered aneurysms as reported again and doctors once specialized.

What can make the user to this?

Read the labels and find out what is the truth behind the ingredients, including natural calls and also products with seals organic certification . the precautionary principle should be applied, but it’s late for lessons that come with a health damage. Kosmetai: be vigilant against false assistants.

Reawakens your senses intelligence.

Any chemical perfume smells a chemical even for a moment trained your mind wants you to place the label of “good”. Synthetic musk perfumes is suspected of collapse Alert skin and “stun” causing more absorption of toxicity. Dyes, surfactants, chemical preservatives, fixatives aroma, everyone goes to the body and at least give it some extra work to get rid of their bad action. In cosmetics there also remains of pesticides used in the production of plants. Often a difficult chemical cocktail assume. Listen to your body when you apply something on the skin, also when you eat or when you get a smell. What you inhale and what you get through the skin also has a stock and a burden you have to assimilate or reject. The problem is when you do not allow any of these two functions.          cosmetics-natural

Does it create immunity a small daily toxic dose?

No, because its process of action and degradation is totally artificial, in many cases simply accumulate and it is increasingly evident that may be causing muscle or joint pain, irritability of the nervous system, because they damage the protective layer, “foggy mind” respiratory distress, rhinitis and a long etcétera.En muscles and tendons, in areas with pain, muscle spasms and nodes and bulges are often toxic it is important to remove pesticides, organic compounds persistent (POPs) and others. Nonblocking and therefore pain, fatigue and discouragement, among other symptoms. It ‘s good massage with vegetable fats or oils (avoid mineral oils) good quality to help eliminate through the skin toxic that are fat soluble.

As a precaution is necessary to avoid clothes softener and use of synthetic fragrances and creams with chemical fixatives. The agency first tries to protect vital organs and stops in the fatty layer under the skin of many of these products. Also they come to the limbs and joints often producing fatigue, pain or irritability. The skin is the body’s largest organ and acts as a real therapeutic boundary between the inner world and the outside world. Breathes and absorbs, reacts to sensations, thoughts, changes in the external environment and on my own. It has an important role to discriminate what feels good than feel bad. If you are looking for natural cosmetics, it is natural that more and know more about what suits you and what you feel bad, because knowledge is the nature of man. the most natural formulas are not only back in a time that has passed and it was lost forever, many are to achieve and it is our mission to strive for design and create these good products that ensure our health and nature .


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