Natural cosmetics

We associate cosmetics with improvement in the appearance of our skin, nails and hair . But the reality is that if read in detail labels a large part of the products applied to the skin, hair or nails we find a list of toxic substances that are aggressive to health . Some produce an apparent improvement in the appearance or temporary improvement, others are based on the illusion that produce messages that accompany them . The term “cosmetic” itself has two very different, on the one hand, order and harmony senses and, secondly, surveillance, because kosmetai were guarding the slaves while they offered their care to clients in gyms ancient Greece . The need to be vigilant remains as valid today as it was then and unfortunately the time we confident that others did for us have cast us under the skin thousands of substances that would never have allowed if we had true information about the effects on health. The cosmetics industry has devoted several decades to get the best sales with products that are durable and that people will look good even if they are not. Amid the overwhelming information that alerts us now on the carcinogenic action, estrogenic, neurotoxic, and other serious consequences associated with many of the substances in cosmetics, many people decide to seek the solution in natural cosmetics and some in the cosmetics certified ecological.


Are we protected natural cosmetics?

Too often called natural cosmetics to those who have any of the ingredients that are not chemically synthesized . This means that on a chemical basis add some flower essential oil or a preparation plant. Two questions to consider: 1. If the cosmetic is natural but the origin of the ingredients are not certified we can find doses of pesticides and other chemical residues from the form of culture and procesado.2. If naturally it refers to carrying an added natural product we need to know with certainty that “soup” of other products is. A step beyond the concept of natural skin care born with organic cosmetics , by the need to offer people an alternative to the usual products that were hurting them. Gradually brands have been coming to the market under this new title and created seals that certify that the ingredients are organically grown. But certify all ingredients?

Ż C ow is naturally natural cosmetics?

The natural must unite what nature produces and human knowledge on how to use it for their welfare , health caring and making the extra benefit are looking for . The problem is that hygiene products and cosmetics that claim to be natural usually have the natural addition and not as a basis. Today most are white and creams with a “silky” texture. These two effects are considered basic to the appreciation of the cream. White is achieved with titanium dioxide, both in cosmetics, including sunscreen, as in the paintings on the walls. It is in doubt its carcinogenic potential, as the titanium dioxide powder produced trachea and lung cancer in rats, and humans, although not known, is suspected. The silky character in most cases they give surfactants, because they break the surface tension of water. These surfactants help keep moisture on the skin, remove grease from the outermost layer, but can also cause cracks, fissures and dry skin, when present in excess or more and not tolerate. Have you seen people with cracked and bleeding hands they have not thought that they should stop using the cream detergent or using? Surfactants break the tendency of water to form drops and this effect has yet maintained through evaporation in the atmosphere creating an environmental problem. And in our skin? To make the skin look more hydrated water nature is altered, apparently skin absorbs better. And the consequences?


We believe that a good number of consumers prefer to use less white and less “silky” creams in exchange for not risk reaching the limit of titanium dioxide and surfactants in their cuerpo.El consumer of cosmetics and hygiene products are looking for natural products not primarily to deceive your senses at any cost.


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