The cleansing diet part 2

The use of herbal medicine is also interesting in this process. Horsetail, dandelion, nettle the ortosifón or are some of the plants with cleansing and diuretic properties. Take an infusion midmorning come in handy to remove fluid. However, I do not recommend consuming it in the afternoon because we may have trouble sleeping if we increased diuresis. The vegetables more cleaning effect will be vegetables rich in sulfur (onions, garlic), green leaves rich in chlorophyll, vegetable bitters ( artichoke, escarole, endive, radicchio, celery), roots (turnips, beets, carrots, radishes) and asparagus. These foods will be the basis of the purifying power, so we need to consume at least five pieces a day on lunch, dinner and vegetable smoothies. I recommend doing a cleansing broth to be taken twice a day with a vegetable from each group. We must not forget the intake of filtered or mineral water, approximately 1.5 liters per day and avoid tap water, often polluted and rich in chlorine. I recommend following the diagram on the previous page for three days to make a good debugging. The first two days will dispense with animal protein and incorporate whole grains and food legumes (lentils with rice, azukis with quinoa, millet chickpeas) and vegetables at dinner. The third day also will add a serving of fish at dinner.

Cleansing diets should not last long in time because they often have less amount of proteins recommended . It is more appropriate to a cleaning day every 10-15 days, to carry this plan for more than one week. The pattern given three days can make at the beginning of each season. The combination of different vegetable proteins (grains, legumes, seeds and nuts) helps to avoid compromising muscle mass and to maintain daily activities without problems. It is not recommended to do high intensity exercise three days.


Typically this pattern will regulate the intestinal transit. However, if there is constipation, it is necessary to take measures for the purifying process efficient. A simple, effective and little aggressive remedy is aloe vera juice pure biological, take a tablespoon of juice diluted in 150 ml of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning is usually effective. Flax seeds placed in hot water for 8 hours and taken on an empty stomach in the morning can also work. Other effective remedies are coffee enemas, very interesting when we are cleansing the body. Or even attend a colon hydrotherapy sessions. Never forget the fundamental role of the intestine in the entry and exit of toxic. With this dietary regimen also achieved alkalizing the body, reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals, lose body fat and body fluids, clean the intestine, debug liver, bring light to the skin and feel more vital. This is not a diet indicated for long – term weight loss, so we must have continuity for longer. But if you can be a good choice to start a weight loss treatment and start with a liver more refined.


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