The cleansing diet

The word ” debug ” means to purify or clean. Therefore a ” cleansing diet ” is that which helps us to expel from our body those molecules or substances that are foreign and therefore “dirty” or “intoxicated” inside the body . We live in a society with a highly toxic environment, we are surrounded by many synthetic chemicals that come into our body through the skin, food or breathing. Therefore we must learn to purify and cleanse the body frequently ; I recommend doing a cleaning day every 10 days or at least once a month ..


To understand what is the best way to eliminate toxins , it is important to reflect on the cleaning capabilities of our body. The body is in constant contact with numerous natural and artificial substances . These may have a use to the body and be beneficial (nutrients or water) or be useless. In the latter case, the body has to metabolize (transform) not intoxicated and to expel them properly. The intestine is one of the first filters that have to happen substances that come from food. If the intestinal barrier is healthy, the foreign particles can be eliminated in the stool. However, if there is excessive intestinal permeability, they will enter the body and go into the bloodstream, like all those who enter through the skin or breathing. Once they reach the blood will be filtered by the liver, an organ that has many enzymes (phase I and II) that transformed into less toxic substances for us. The resulting metabolites of this transformation may be disposed in various ways such as renal, biliary or sweat or be accumulated in certain tissues and organs.

Understood this process is crucial to understand the importance of preventing substances reach the organism to avoid overload and hepatic accumulation of foreign substances in the body. But we live in a “chemical world” and sometimes this is unavoidable, so we have to eat foods that regulate intestinal transit, improve liver function and stimulate diuresis to expel toxins efficiently. The intestine, liver and kidneys will be our allies in this process. The first thing to consider is that food consumed only provide nutrients and do not contain synthetic particles. For this to be so natural and organic products are the most reliable. Feeding should prioritize the consumption of vegetable protein versus animal in a ratio 70/30. Too much animal protein provides greater amount of ammonia, leading to higher acidity and difficult cleaning processes.


Foods to avoid are:. Sugar, refined flour, meat, blue fish large (contaminated with heavy metals), precooked foods, soft drinks, sweets, refined oils, refined salt, animal fats and food additives Priority food in cleansing diet come from the plant kingdom : whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits and seeds. A composed of these foods improves intestinal transit, liquid diet is rich in micronutrients and helps cleanse the liver. A cereal with huge cleansing properties is oats ; it is a grain r ico fiber, minerals and amino acids . Take oatmeal for breakfast prevents constipation and provides carbohydrates of slow absorption. I recommend a bowl of breakfast flakes fine oatmeal (preferably cooked if there are difficulties in digestion) with ground seeds and berries (rich in antioxidants). This can be baked muesli with mineral water or drink the same cereal. The rich green smoothies in chlorophyll and potassium are also essential in this pattern. Ideally , take them on an empty stomach in the morning and between meals. These liquefied act on the liver, are alkalizing and provide enzymes that help improve digestive processes. I recommend cucumber juice, celery, apple, parsley, spinach and papaya.


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